Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist 2012 Sunshine Cobb

Mental note to self... don't wait until you see someone's work splashed across the front cover of Ceramics Monthly before you tell them that you think the world of their work.
Sunshine... your work rocks...

 Sunshine Cobb was an adjunct, teaching ceramics, at the University of Pacific during the fall of 2011. I didn't get to take advantage of having her around and only got to enjoy her briefly during an open community workshop. Watching Sunshine work was really a good reminder that "the wheel" isn't the beginning and end in making fantastic functional work.

The effect she's had on the small world I live and work in has been momentous.
Thank you Sunshine!!!

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Linda Fahey said...

I wholly concur. she is an inspiration and the work is beyond measure. I can't say enough about it!!

a massive round of applause at her getting some overdue recognition.