Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clayer E-course with Diana Fayt

Here's a absolutely golden opportunity to participate in the next generation of learning. This is the notion of the "community classroom" put into motion by non other than Diana Fayt.
This is a 6 week Clayer E-Course running February 27 - April 8, 2012.
The class started Monday morning, but the casual, no pressure style is already setting the tone. This is something everyone needs to see! This is an exciting new direction for studio education and Diana is setting the bar high.
Registration is still open (registration ends March 2). I'd love to see more familiar faces on the forums.

Special note... We really need a few more guys to participate!


Linda Starr said...

With the cost of fuel this is a great idea. Diana is a great teacher I took a workshop in her studio in San Francisco.

Michèle Hastings said...

i was tempted to take this course, but money is a little tight right now. have fun and i hope some guys sign on!


She is just so cool... I have a great piece of hers and met her in San Fran... Coolest chick. Advertising it on my blog too!