Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunshine Cobb Workshop at UOP

So many golden nuggets just  casually tossed up Sunshine at this workshop.

I'm easily mesmerized by coil building. It may be a basic technique, but it's one that I've never really put the appropriate time necessary in to get comfortable with.

Totally my loss because the surfaces that seem to grow from this technique are rich and full of life. The surfaces and forms that Sunshine achieves using her approach to this process is unique and alluring, making the point that a confident hand leaves a very deliberate feel to the finished work. 

Thank you Sunshine!


Linda Starr said...

Great to see the before and after.

Tracey Broome said...

I like the surfaces I get with coil and slab building, you just can't achieve the same look on the wheel. I love this form, may have to give one a go! Wish I could have been there!

Ron said...

Thanks for sharing. Definitely true about what happens with the handbuilding process.

jim said...

love the blue orange combo there, sounds like a fun workshop. the list in the previous post is great, i'll have to come back and study it

Natalie Thiele said...

Another great UOP workshop.
Wish I could have returnd for Day 2. I was hoping to see drilling and sandblasting. I loved watching her coiling, paddling and flipping techniques.
Good to see you. Thank you for spreading the word about Sunshine's workshop.

claydancer said...

I so wanted to come but didn't hear about it in time to change my other plans:( Thanks for putting some images up!