Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lessons Take 2

Well the big lesson I took away from the "Visions In Clay" show was the importance of "going big" for these exhibitions or risk being lost in a room full of work. Well I threw the penny in the air to check and see what would happen if I put small work in another local show.

The premise proved itself all to well. The work got accepted into the show but I almost left after failing to find it in the exhibition.
The Penny drops... It was 3 feet off the ground, sandwiched behind a chair and a pedestal.


I put it in the event just to show the people around me what it is that I'm doing, but no one can see it, so I guess it's a moot point... Bumm'n.

The irony is that I'm sure they'll still want their 30% if it's sold.


jim said...

hi joel, very interesting and sorry to see the confirmation of your premise. i got 3 pieces in a show last year and as you know my bowls are mostly decorated on the exterior. i went to the opening and and all 3 were displayed less than 2 feet off the floor. this meant that unless someone squatted way down (like a baseball catcher), there was no way that they would know that the pieces were decorated at all. i left wondering whether any thought went into it at all... of course, maybe they just didn't really like the pieces.

cookingwithgas said...

we are all subject to who sets the show.
I have seen shows set with such beauty and then I have seen shows that a trained monkey could have put together. We all know how our work shows best and it is not a knee level.... don't they pay attention to grocery stores?
I have seen shows where they OVER ask. Too many pots and no good way to get them in the setting. I would rather see LESS pots and better display and attention to where best to put the work.

Anonymous said...

Some shows put very little thought into what goes where. A small piece and a large piece side by side can complement each other. On a low covered shelf behind a chair is just thoughtless.