Thursday, September 23, 2010

Start of a New Cycle

 Point of view vertigo...
Looking in the damp box tonight.
It's good to feel the push of a new work cycle.

 This is working towards a build-up of a whole kilnload of the good stuff... this time it's going through cone 10 reduction. Armed with a newly cut swarm of stencils it's time to get busy.

Still a lot of question marks with this load... Much of the uncertainty is dealing with current firing logistics. I'm trying very earnestly, to be happy about crating up my greenware to take to another kiln. The best reason so far has been that the situation makes me more actively cull though what leaves the ware boards and ends up in the kiln.


ang said...

I love this part and your amazing did your kiln bite the dust in the end or is it still repairable..?

FetishGhost said...

It's repairable with a bit of funds. The economy has really temporally kicked my feet out so I'm using this as a learning opportunity to engage, encourage, and support other local kilns in my area.