Friday, November 27, 2009

2010 Souper Supper Bowls

The kids and I am putting together a few videos for this spring's 2010 TideWater Gallery "Souper Supper" event in February. I've been clued in that many of the people around here think that I just spit these bowls out for this event. This is the first video for this years event and unfortunately I don't think it communicates the amount of effort that goes into this project. I know this particular video might be a bit repetitive, but I think it does nicely begin to convey the pleasant monotony of throwing 120 bowls for an event like this. Wot!

Mental note... don't speed-up the next video... it looks cool, but it makes it look too fun.

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Mr. Young's Art said...

That was GREAT! I am still at the 3 or 4 bowls in 20 minutes - if I'm having a good day. Maybe I will get some time in on the wheel this week. But I do learn a little from each video you post!
That tool you use in the bottom of the bowls, did you make it yourself? It looks like a bent piece of wood. I am still collecting a few "favorite" tools that I like to use.